cruelty, meaninglessness and manipulation (sairyuu) wrote in momilf,
cruelty, meaninglessness and manipulation


should i cut my hair into a dramatic aline? i made you all a collage. some of the pics aren't that great, but they are enough to give you an idea of what i look like. the ones of my hair short are pretty old. ps the ones on the top (blue/green shirt)are from yesterday.

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maybe some pictures of the type of haircut you want to help me decide?

i love the pic of you in the bob w/ the headband...
where the hell did that pic come from becky?

that is fucking HOT.

Brookey Brooke, I think you should leave it as is. You look a LOT younger with a bob.
and i love this's pretty much the same way i have my hair all the time.
This cut is adorable. Is your hair naturally straight? If not, then think twice. I had this cut(I loved it when I took the time to style) and with my curls it is a bitch to maintain straight. I agree that you look good in the bob with the headband too.
my hair is stick straight. like "look i ironed my hair" straight!
hehe, costa rica photo shoot. :) i thought i should have a milfy pic for this forum. thanks for noticing.
yes, cut your hair like that. it wil look awesome on you!!!!