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First the Story:
Well, we had the ultrasound today.. and the baby wasn't being very cooperative at all lol. I even drank orange juice and the whole bit before going in.. but the baby decided to be a little on the stubborn side... both of the feet were crossed RIGHT in front of the parts.. and the doctor was ready to give up. We couldn't even get a good profile shot because of how the baby was laying:( I was begging "Please! We have to know! Let my try to move the baby!" So then, she let me try to move the little bugger around.. at this point I'm PLEADING with the baby LOL.. and kept pushing around.. finally, we got one leg up! Still blocked. Still crossed in front! So, after a couple more minutes of trying, the baby moved that stubborn leg! We couldn't get a clear shot.. and frankly I'm dissapointed in my doctors ultrasound machine as a whole. It's super fuzzy, and you can barely even make anything out... not like some of the super clear ones I've seen. Brendans turned out so good when I was this far along.
(This is the same doctor who delivered Brendan, but she became our doctor when I was 39 weeks pregnant due to my first ob closing his practice.)

ANYWAYS.. The shot she got wasn't very clear.. and was only for a few seconds.. but even WE SAW the parts.. and believe that the doctor is right in her guess.
But, keep in mind she was only 80% sure... that's good enough for me! 80% is better than not knowing at all!

Without further ado..

I'd like to tell you that:






Okay okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............................

(...most likely.)

We're super excited.. I GOT MY LITTLE GIRL! Thats how we wanted it.. A boy and then a girl:) We're so lucky.

Here are the pictures we got. Both are face shots.. frontal view.

I know they aren't the worlds greatest.. but hey! That's my little girl! Plus, Rob has now promised that we will go to fetal fotos soon! Yayyyyy 3d ultrasound here I come! Clear pictures in 3d of my baby?! Get OUT of here! Then we'll know for SURE!

Officially 22 weeks today. *beaming*
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