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And they all said...

Name: Katie Nicole
Age: 17
Location: Metro Atlanta
Names of child and age: My baby boy, Jaiden Matthew, is 5 months old.
Tell us something interesting about your kid: He's the most awesomest boy I've ever met and he can keep secrets like its no body's buisness. Oh yeah, and when he was born, his feet were one third of mine and I wear a size 8! Thank god he's a boy with big feet.

                               His first week home!

The best thing about parenthood is... : Oh man, there are so many things... I think its when I'm having a bad day and I go to play with him, how he looks at me and laughs with this HUGE grin... that usually makes it all better.
Why do you think you are a MILF: Because I'm HAWT, and I try to stay optimistic. Personality counts more.
How many times have you been hit on while your child is present: Quite a few actually... I've dated (only dated) about 5 guys since I had Jaiden and so I had to have been hit on a few times to get that far. Plus I went to the mall last week, and a guy at Pac Sun told me I was hott.
Have you ever had to bring your child out on a date with you (and had the date not mind?): Oh yeah. We go out all the time... I take him with me most everywhere. And if my date minded, I wouldn't be dating him.
What music do you like: A variety really. Mainly rock...
Are you single, married, engaged, divorced: Single but exclusively dating.
What is your best quality: My unique personality... I'm memorably quirky and oppinionated.
What is your most attractive feature: I love... my eyes. Windows to the soul...

This is me the day before I had my Jaiden.

Me and my baby boy.

Me in bed... (I was actually nursing Jaiden there, hehe)

Me and my love...

Nap time!


I would appologise for sendin so many, but I know I loved looking at everyone elses, so I hope you guys don't mind either.  (I'm a picture fanatic)


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Cute babe and momma!
thanks so much! your "sleeping beauty" is adorable.


12 years ago

Definitely yes. You were so cute in your pregnant pic. Not like you weren't in the others. Ah. You know what I mean.
I know what you mean, thanx!
Yes! You are gorgeous and your son is a little cutie himself.
Points for the BF too :)
Thanks! Its always nice to hear your gorgeous. And I've breast fed him for the full 5 months and me and my cutie are still going strong!


12 years ago

yes! a million times!
thanks a million times!!<3
you're really cute and all, but you're 17 and this community is supposed to be 18+ I believe.
ah! I take it back, I thought the rules where 18+ becuase we had some 15 year old mother posting shots of herself in her panties and that caused quite a stir. Pardon me.
You had the most perfect little belly when you were pregnant! I think I Was that big at five months along. LOL
Lol. I was sick most of my pregnancy so I lost weight. I weighed 140 before I was pregnant and 137 the day before I had him. I was so happy not to get any stretch marks though! Thanks for your yes vote! <3
+ nice personality
+ very pretty
+ adorable baby

hehe... thanks for your vote... it all comes natural! :D
I think it's awesome that you had a baby at 17 and are nursing and caring and being a mommy. I was 17 when I got pregnant with my first daughter, 18 when I had her, and every mother I encounter anywhere near that young ever since has been a formula feeding, give-the-kids-to-grandma-to-raise whiner who still wants to party all the time.

Also, you're really pretty in a way that I like :)
Your baby is cute, and looks very alert and well cared for.

Re: P.S.


12 years ago

Thanks... It was really tough for me, because my boyfriend (of 2 1/2 years) left me the day before Jaiden was born and I was really scared to try and do things myself, but I'm REALLY glad that I did. I wouldn't trade him for anything, and now the good Karma is showering back on me and things are finally working out. I just got a new job, my boyfriend came back, and I graduate in May, so I'm really proud for sticking it out.
Thanks for your yes vote! Good luck with your baby girl.
That food picture is ADORABLE!

It took me a while to get what you were talking about but I think I figured it out... you meant foot?
Hehe... thanks. It was crazy how big they were!
<3 thanks for your vote!
LOL, yes, foot.
YES!! i love ur belly shot. I wish i would have taken more of them when i was preg but i thought i was HUGE when i really wasnt and i look at the few i do have and im like awwwwwwwwwwwww

SO YES YES YES... and ur baby is soooo cute he sounds like my little girl who is now almost 16 months and into EVERYTHING!! and way to old for her age!!
Thanks! I wish I had taken some more belly shots as well, but I didn't get around to it till my last week of being pregnant. I have some cute ones of me playing laser tag! It was hawt!

Good luck with your baby girl... and thanks for your vote!

your so freakin cute!

LOOVe your bay's smile!
Sorry its taken so long to reply... Things are so hectic!!

Thanks so much for your vote!
He just keeps getting cuter too!!