The True Bohemian Revolutionary (weemumlessmngrl) wrote in momilf,
The True Bohemian Revolutionary

Moooood post!

Okay, we need some life up in here.


I'm holding a contest!

Ta-dah!! And yes, I know I'm doing this without the permission of Melinda #1, but hey.. I'm a mod too, so there.

Anyway, on with the juicy details!

Costume Contest
We all know what month it is.. October, month of the ghouls.. the ghosts.. the possibility of sexy costumes... and, most importantly, the free candy. Right now, we're going to feature the costumes part (however, free candy is accepted). Here's what I want you all to do! Dress up as something. I don't care what. But make it good, and feel free to make it sexy. Take a picture of it.. and please, try to make it super cool looking. Photoshop if need be, but I'd prefer not. Make a post here, put in the subject line "Halloween Milfy Goodness!", and post up your picture! Please use an lj-cut! You have from today till October 31st to post this up. Oh, and feel free to post up pictures of your cuties in their costumes as well. Post up past or present pictures of them in their costumes, but please don't put "Halloween Milfy Goodness" in your subject, as to avoid confusion. Let's just create the Halloween spirit here, people! Again, you have till Oct 31st to post your pictures! On the evening of the 31st, I'll make a poll, and we'll vote for our community's own Miss/Mrs October! And what is your prize? Weeeelll... a big congrats from us to you!! :P Actually, with Melinda #1's permission, I would like to post up a picture of the winner's choice on the User Info page for the entire month of November as our current favorite milf hottie. We'll have to think of something to do for November and December, so on and so forth, so that we can keep this theme up.

SO! Get creative, get unique, get sexy(er)!

Remember: You must be stamped you participate in the contest! If any of you have yet to recieve a stamp, please let me know and I'll issue one immediately! Thanks, ladies!
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