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Name: Cary-Ann

Age: 30 (Ouch, I'm still getting used to that one.)

Location: Lebanon, Oregon

Names of child(ren) and age(s): Andrew 11 and Alex 7.

Tell us something interesting about your kids: Andrew is really unique, he inherited the math gene from me. He scored 150+ on the math portion of his IQ test last year. He has a speech impediment as well where he can't seem get the words from his mind to his mouth in a normal amount of time. So this means he has an IEP but he also is involved in TAG. Andrew is also the spitting image of his father, except for the red hair. :)

Alex is a lefty, which I find amusing in a sense. He does most things with his left hand except throw a ball. He also has the most outgoing personality and is pretty much good at anything he attempts.

The best thing about parenthood is... : Watching them grow into little people. It was hard to imagine my boys as anything other than babies when they were first born, now I'm watching them grow right in front of me with these awesome personalities and their own little viewpoints. I love it. I was an only child so raising siblings is quite interesting, in fact, I enjoy it a lot more than I expected to.

Why do you think you are a MILF: I think I'm sexy in my own way. On top of that, I've been referred to as one which I found hilarious. The only other place I had heard the phrase was on "American Pie" until real recently.

How many times have you been hit on while your child is present: I don't know...a dozen maybe? Most times I'm oblivious to come ons since I had been with my kids' dad pretty much the entire time I've been a parent, up until two years ago anyway..

Have you ever had to bring your child/ren out on a date with you (and had the date not mind?): No, I've never been in that situation.

What music do you like: I have a broad spectrum of tastes, an idea: Offspring, Rehab, ICP, Black Eyed Peas, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, KMFDM, Oakenfold...the list goes on.

Are you single, married, engaged, divorced: Divorced, for over two years, I was with him for ten years though. Now I have a BF, Aaron, and that's going on six months now.

What is your best quality: Honesty. I couldn't lie to save my life.

What is your most attractive feature: My eyes.
A couple of me...

This is Aaron (the BF) and I at Beringer Vineyards down in Napa Valley last summer...

Alex lining up his hands with the camera...

Andrew displaying his new birthday present. He absolutely loves building things like this...

Both the boys with their Dad, Jeff. Fortunately my divorce was quite amicable and we do some things as a large group.

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