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1. You can post to this community only if you are a mom, I don't care about your age, whether you're an old mom young mom, new mom, not new mom...you have to be a mom!
2. This is a rating community, expect to be judged.
3. Once you've posted and been denied don't re-post in hopes that you'll be accepted, it will just be deleted.
4. Once you join you must post not only a picture of yourself, but a picture of your child/ren, along with the application, which can be found below.
5. And yes, I disabled anonymous posting...
6. Men can join! To us, the best judge of a MILF would be the men that drool over them!
- Must pass through moderator approval!
- Must post up at least one good, clear pic of himself and some details so we know who you are.
7. No commenting till you have been either moderator approved or accepted! Break this rule and learn how it feels to be on the recieving end of a ban.
8. After joining, you have 3 days to put up your application before you will be removed.
9. DO NOT BE RUDE TO THE MEMBERS! If you get a no vote, then deal with it. Everyone gets at least one "no", trust us.
10. Keep it in the community. If someone makes you mad or insults you, DO NOT under any circumstances bring it to their personal journal.
11. Read the following Mod Post: Opinionated Parenting

12. Once you are accepted, please go to the Memories and post a link to your application in the members post.

Entry Form:
Names of child(ren) and age(s):
Tell us something interesting about your kids:
The best thing about parenthood is... :
Why do you think you are a MILF:
How many times have you been hit on while your child is present:
Have you ever had to bring your child/ren out on a date with you (and had the date not mind?):
What music do you like:
Are you single, married, engaged, divorced:
What is your best quality:
What is your most attractive feature:
Please make all journal entries friends only.

Please do not go into any members personal journals and harass them. Your application will be deleted and you will be automatically banned from this community. Don't expect everyone to say "yes" to you.

Also, do not comment in the moderators journals. Send us an e-mail and we'll fix whatever problem you are having.

childishdreams: childishdreams@livejournal.com
weemumlessmngrl: meli_p@livejournal.com

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childishdreams (Owner/Maintainer)
weemumlessmngrl (2nd In Command/childishdreams' bitch)