Michelle (liedonlyonce) wrote in momilf,

some sexy pictures

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Well, I'm glad someone's gettin'.. happy and enjoying being together. :)
*hush AJ!*

My Dr tells me I still have 4 weeks to go. *cough* before I can umm.. take pictures. Yeah, that's it. 4 weeks until I can do that. LOL (Stupid surgery!!)
i had a really hard time after i had the girls when i had a c-section. i do know what you are going through taking care of two little ones and feeling like crap on top of it. i didn't start feeling sexy for soooo long. i'm still not like i used to be, but i'm working on it. i don't always feel sexy with my chubby belly and stretch marks, but if you cover all that up, hey i'm a hot mama! lmao ;)
Once I can fit into my jeans again without them being all tight, I will be ok. The weird part, I dropped 10 lbs in a week. From the day I left the hospital until a Drs appointment a week later for a checkup, I had lost 10 in fluid and stuff I suppose. I was all swollen when I left the hospital though. I had no ankles. Yay for being able to see my ankle bone again!
But, I don't know, I looked pretty hot in a black dress the other day. I should have taken a picture. LOL
I bet you looked gorgeous!! I think you are a beautiful woman! I lost a bunch at first too, and then my birth control started making me gain it all back!! So I quickly switched to something else and started losing again. I'd like to lose another 10-15, but eh, I dunno if that will happen. I'm feeling rather unmotivated. Is your incision lateral or vertical? mine was vertical. I have a picture of it if you wanna see...
Phil thinks I am weird because I wanted to watch the surgery or have it taped so I could watch it afterwards. It is the paramedic in me, I can't help it!! And then after that, I was looking at the scar one day and said "You wanna see it?" "NO!! You are weird. How can you stand to see it before it is totally healed!??!??!!???? Is it because you are a medic or because you are just really, really weird??" HAHA! Yeah, I guess that's it. :)
Anyway, it is a low transverse incision, below the panty line, even.
you are lucky. because i had an emergency c-section, mine goes from my bellybutton down to my pubic bone. it's horrid. i posted a pic of it in my journal for you. check it out if you like that sort of thing ;) lol