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my fiance and i just got our engagement photos back. they're hsyterical!! i love it. anyway, i'm going to be a good girl and put these behind a cut, because there's several from our engagement sitting, and a recent awesome pic we took of our now 5 month old son.

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5th one made me go awww out loud haha
the one where he is kissing your forehead is precious.

and little one is tooooo much.
i like hte kissing forehead one, with your eyes closed. cute!

and your baby is such a cute little butterball! he is adorable!!

Deleted comment

Awesome, my fav is the 3rd one, and your babies pic ofcourse...awwwwwwww...
You're family is beautiful. I'm sorry to disturb you, but I just recently joined and submitted my application. Do the MOD's have to approve it first before it shows up in the community so people can vote? I really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance. Once again, your family is very beautiful.

no bother at all. i actually rarely log into that journal anymore and was thinking about asking the mods to just accept my new one. i'll log in and take a look at whatcha got. :)
Call me unoriginal, but when me and my boyfriend were going to get our pictures made, I remembered your some of your pictures, and came back and printed them out so I could show the photographer exactly what I wanted.
:D hehe