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Am I MILF material?

Name: Nikki
Age: 19
Location: Illinois
Names of child(ren) and age(s): Alyssa Rose, 4 months(born 09-10-04)
Tell us something interesting about your kids: She is teething and blowing raspberries(which is amusing, but also very messy!)
The best thing about parenthood is... : When she smiles up at me, and I know that she is happy.
Why do you think you are a MILF: do you answer this question without seeming full of yourself? Well, I think I am relatively good looking, but I have a super personality to go with it!
How many times have you been hit on while your child is present: A couple, I think.
Have you ever had to bring your child/ren out on a date with you (and had the date not mind?): Well, we've gone out to dinner with her before once but she was asleep.
What music do you like: Metal, rock, indie, alternative
Are you single, married, engaged, divorced: attatched
What is your best quality: I am really out-going and accepting of most all people.
What is your most attractive feature: I get comments on my eyes, so I guess my eyes, but I really like my legs.

^Me being pretty^

^Me being playful^

^My beautiful daughter^

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